Kedong He, DC


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(770) 457-0641
4897 Buford Hwy NE # 165, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 4897 Buford Hwy NE # 165, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA
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Google Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (24 total ratings)

Eric Mees
5 Star
I have a long history of back problems, and have been going to Dr. He bi-weekly for over 20 years. His wellness program keeps me feeling great and when something goes wrong, I rely on Dr. He for rapid treatment and relief. Recently, I tore my calf and strained my Achilles. I could barely walk and went to an orthopedic surgeon who put me in a walking boot which caused all sorts of pains in other parts of my body. However, instead of the boot, Dr. He's treatment plan included acupuncture and cupping showed immediate progress and had me walking normal in only 3 weeks! I highly recommend a visit to Dr. He and trusting his methods to help in wellness and injury recovery! A++
Tuesday 27th September 2022
Puja Gulati
5 Star
He is the best doctor you will ever meet! He is kind, cares about your Heath and listens to your concerns. He does acupuncture and cupping along with other techniques depending on the kind of Treatment needed. He is awesome when it comes to figuring out the root cause of the problem. He just doesn’t cure but also take care of your health after wards. I went to him for the first time for tennis elbow and now I am being treated for the rotator cuff injury. I have come a long way with his treatment without any steroids or painkillers.
Monday 29th March 2021
Bijou Casende
5 Star
For the last 3+ years I've circled the block going through physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, orthopedic surgeons- its been a nightmare. After being referred to this place- in just 3 sessions its unreal to think I was considering surgery. No medications, no surgeries this is the best thing thats happened to me since moving back to ATL. He's educational, walking you through exactly what hes doing and finding the root of the problem. He's professional, personable and quite frankly I wish he was open longer but I'm always happy to cancel morning meetings for sessions with Dr. Ive referred a few people myself. I came in with an extremely tight left side, from my neck down to my knees. I work out 6 days a week and also practice yoga so when another doctor told me to consider surgery for my knee I needed to get a second opinion. Coming to here has been the best thing for me because it wasnt even my knee that was the ROOT of the problem. I highly recommend at a minimum coming in for a consultation- extremely thorough, even more than in your other healthcare facilities. Tell him BEEJ sent you.
Monday 2nd May 2022
Susan Kelley
5 Star
Dr He is beyond amazing. He is kind, knowledgeable, considerate and genuinely cares about your health. He performs chiropractic, cupping, and acupuncture to help you achieve the best results for your injury or overall needs. He has helped me as a stylist maintain longevity in my career by continuing to correct my back/shoulder issues that arise from long days standing behind the chair. I’ll always refer anyone I know to him.
Monday 20th August 2018
5 Star
After going to Western doctors and trying prescribed medications, nothing was stopping daily heart palpitations, shoulder pain, and the numbing of my thumb. I could barely sleep without pain. After just two visits Dr. He was able to help me regain full range of my neck and shoulders, and reduce the thumb numbness by using a combination of chiropractic, cupping, and acupuncture techniques.  My heart palpitations are rare now.  I consider Dr. He to be my partner in body health as the years tick up!
Tuesday 16th November 2021