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Are chiropractors the same as medical doctors?

No. Each profession has its own focus and methods of practice.  Medical doctors can prescribe medications and perform surgery, although most are not trained in surgery. 

Chiropractors have always specialized in the non-surgical, and non-medication treatment of spinal problems.  Many chiropractors also treat the entire body, and some also treat non-musculoskeletal problems. 

For example, I am trained in something called functional medicine, which is training in systemic diseases, using labwork evaluation and natural supplements, to resolve and essentially cure disease.  Not just manage your disease for profit, but resolve your disease. 

Chiropractors vary in their methods of practice. Most are focused on spinal and other musculoskeletal problems. And chiropractors do not want to, nor are they trained, in pharmacotherapy/medications as a means of treatment for patients. Chiropractors, also, are not trained in invasive procedures such as injections and surgery.

Other than that, there is much overlap between chiropractors and musculoskeletal specialist medical doctors. Both doctors use physical medicine procedures as defined in the Current Procedural Terminology manual.

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Aaron Shoemaker
5 Star
I went to two different orthopedic surgeons who told me that I was a candidate for surgery because of two fully collapsed discs in my back between S1 and L5 and L5 and L4. Went to Dr. Castinet and he fixed me right up. Decompression therapy took a course of several weeks, but after each visit, I left more improved and feeling more relief. Over 10 years later, and I’m still in top-notch shape. So glad I did not do surgery!
Sunday 28th January 2024
dan Tips
1 Star
this guy doesnt serve black people
Wednesday 6th September 2023